Thursday, September 22, 2011

So Long Summer (sigh!!)

Summer went by wayyyyy too fast!! I am not ready for those long, blistery, super long, cold, and did I mention long, months of winter here in Utah. Here is what we were up to this summer (sigh again, sniff, sniff).....
We went swimming nearly every single day here-I love our pool!

Madeline and Diesel both learned to ride their bikes in about 15 minutes!

Madeline and her Fairy House (still waiting to catch that Tinkerbell:))

First day of first grade. It was harder than I thought-I cried the first 2 days and now I can't wait for them all to be in college!!

Boating with Aunt Candace and Uncle Mat.

Bike rides and lots of playing at the new splash pad (not shown)

For me, running and more running-Here I am at the Freedom Half Marathon (4th of July) and I proudly came in 3rd!!!!

Madeline's Ballet performance.


Bieler said...

That was the cutest post! What a cute family! (admittedly I'm biased)

Mandy said...

And that is no joke.. I saw Diesel learn to ride his bike without training wheels in MINUTES! That was crazy!!! Looks like a fun summer. Love you and your family!!

The Marchant's said...

Isn't 1st grade hard?! ...and then it is wonderful!

Lisa Danielson said...

Maddie is so big!! Her hair is so cute!!! you came in rock!!!! way to go:)